Kevin Orth

Kevin choose Vermont State University (VTSU) because the College was recommended to him by faculty at his High School. He explained, “I knew I wanted to study practical engineering early on in my life and Vermont State was such a natural fit, I never applied to any other college. I came to VTSU with the intention of graduating with an associate’s degree in Mechanical Engineering, but shortly into my experience transitioning to the bachelor’s degree I have now.” In 2012, Kevin obtained his Associate in Mechanical Engineering Technology and continued on with his education, and in 2014, received his Bachelor’s in Electromechanical Engineering Technology. Both of which have a 100% placement rate!

During his time at the Vermont State Randolph campus, Kevin really enjoyed his classes and noted, “Working to figure out the process of applying knowledge to achieve a tangible application, specifically during my time in the project’s courses at Randolph, made me an extremely versatile engineer. I feel like I gained all the basic skills needed to go confidently into the electrical and mechanical engineering field.” He specifically liked the course that is required in the last year of classes called Manufacturing Capstone Project. For his Senior Capstone project, Kevin explained, “My capstone project involved working directly with a Vermont-based engineering company to redesign one of their custom-made pieces of test equipment. This experience taught me valuable skills relating to team management and interfacing with other teams to complete a project which I applied immediately at my first engineering job after graduating.”

Kevin also took part in Randolph Centers Career Fair! He explained, “The job fair at Randolph always inspired optimism on my path to a degree and continues to be a great resource. I also secured some interviews around the time of my graduation thanks to the incredible network cultivated by the faculty who gave me recommendations to local employers. For my first job, I ended up working for a fellow alum who started a local engineering business from scratch that continues to be successful today!”

Now, Kevin works here at the Vermont State University Randolph campus as a Laboratory Technician for the Electrical & Computer Engineering Technology Department. He describes, “I work with students and faculty in the electronics labs helping to engineer, source, purchase, and manage parts and equipment for educational demonstrations, course labs, and capstone projects. The highlight of my position is getting to work directly with students to help them develop skills needed to interact efficiently with modern sources of information and technology so they can turn their ideas into practical applications.” He noted that becoming an employee after graduation came naturally and was excited to begin creating value in the field of engineering as he already felt he had been part of the industry when he graduated.

Off-hours, Kevin is also a part of Randolph Center’s Ski Rope Tow on campus! Helping maintain and run the rope tow hill right on VTSU Randolph’s campus. He has also made gifts to Vermont State sharing, “I’m happy to share that I’m grateful to be in a position now that I can give directly to support Vermont State to help promote the success of future engineering grads!”

His advice to potential students is to come to Vermont State! He emphasizes, “the VTSU Randolph campus is a uniquely practical experience where you will learn what it takes to bring engineering concepts into reality because the programs were built, and are maintained, by people who do it.”