Sammy MacEachron

There is no better college outcome than achieving your dreams and pursuing your passions. Alumna Samantha “Sammy” MacEachron is doing just that when she begins her career as a teacher at Rutland Intermediate School. 

Sammy is a Mathematics major with teacher licensure who grew up moving around New England as part of a military family. While on the Castleton campus, she was involved in many activities, including Student Orientation Staff; Student Council for Exceptional Children, a club that she initiated; The Mentoring Program at Castleton Elementary School (mentor for 4 years, mentor leader for 3 years); Math tutor in the Academic Support Center; proctor for the Quantitative Reasoning and Information Literacy tests; and working for College Steps. 

“I have always wanted to become a teacher since I was about 3 years old. Teaching is my dream job, and it’s finally coming true,” Sammy said. “I enjoy making an impact on young students’ lives. It makes me happy to see children achieving in their school curriculum and enjoying their learning environment. I also enjoy mentoring. I want each child to know that I am there for them always. Teaching makes me truly happy, and it’s my passion. I will continue to grow and be involved in the teaching profession.” 

Sammy cites many key influences that made a significant impact on her life and education. She said she has been able to learn and grow with the guidance of Professor Galle, Professor Generazzo, Professor Leigh-Ann Brown, Professor Slonaker, Professor McEnerny, and Professor Rajia Professor Schwaner, Kate Spaulding, and Ashley Haggerty. 

“I am so happy to have had wonderful, caring professors who are always there for their students,” Sammy said. “I truly love the feeling of being on campus and feeling part of a caring, outgoing community. I have met so many incredible people that will impact my life forever. Many opportunities allowed me to take on leadership responsibilities, which have helped me to grow in my profession.” 

Sammy is eagerly anticipating her career as a full-time teacher and continuing with her education and professional development.  

“I am looking forward to starting my next chapter after everything the University has taught me. I will apply my knowledge and experiences in my new classroom job, moving from the student perspective at Castleton to the teacher perspective at Rutland Intermediate School. I feel well prepared because of my variety of experiences. ”