Stephen Klepner

Big college opportunities in a small town location is what brought Music major Stephen Klepner to Vermont from his home state of New Jersey.

“I fell in love with Vermont visiting on vacation as a child with my family,” explained Klepner, “I was in marching band in high school and wanted to continue performing in college. Vermont State University (VTSU) Castleton allowed me to continue participating in my favorite activity from high school in a small school setting.”

In addition to being an active member of the VTSU Castleton Marching Band, Klepner also participates in the University Choir where he is a tenor singer and a baritone for the Spartan Spirit Band.

“At VTSU Castleton I have the opportunity to conduct multiple ensembles and work hands on with music teachers from across the state on a regular basis,” said Klepner. “As a masters student I was given the opportunity to design and teach the 2016 Castleton Spartan Marching band show. It was such a great experiential learning opportunity that I would have never received at another school.”

His experiences on campus have made him prepared and excited to enter the work force. Upon completing his degree, Klepner hopes to become a successful teacher in music education.

“I found out quickly after finishing my undergraduate that my passion was teaching,” he said. “VTSU Castleton’s Music department has created a custom experience that is tailored specifically for my goals.”