Steve Loyer

Steve graduated from Vermont State University (VTSU) with an Associate in Electrical Engineering Technology. As a non-traditional student, Steve shared, “I chose the Electrical and Electronics program because I had been working in the trades for several years as an electrician so it seemed natural that I would go that route. There were no other schools or majors that I considered. I was comfortable with electronics and what’s not to like about a 99.9% placement pitch?!”

During his time at the Vermont State Randolph campus, Steve noted, I would say that the biggest takeaway I had from my time at VTSU was that it taught me how to think logically. How to be a better problem solver which is an asset both personally and professionally. There was not any one class or experience that I would fall back on it was really to total experience of living on campus and taking part in the day-to-day grind of learning the trade.”

Steve noted that the professors cared for his education and shared, “The one person that sticks out in my mind was Harry Miller. Mr. Miller was the professor that allowed me to start at VTSU as a freshman versus taking a year of Pre-tech. I went through a 5-week summer course where at the end it was determined that they would give me a chance as a freshman. It was close, and Harry said I was on the line but they would give me the chance. Two years later at graduation, it was Harry Miller who handed me my diploma we had come full circle.”

Now, Steve is the President of The Tech Group and explained, “My day-to-day tasks are to run the business and make certain we are on track as a company to meet our goals and growth expectations. I work to nurture and grow our team making certain we have the right person in the right seat. To provide a vision of where we are going and maneuver economic downturns and pesky events like pandemics. My goals were to make sure I was providing my team with opportunities for growth both personally and professionally and making sure we had a successful company. The favorite part of my job is working with people both those that are our customers and those that are part of the team. I have had the great fortune of working with some of our customers and employee’s for over 25 years in some cases.” Steve has also been involved, through The Tech Group, by being a sponsor of the Knights Scramble Golf Tournaments that support the students involved in Knights Athletics teams.

Steve also shared, “The biggest memory I have from the Randolph campus was of the day I met my wife of 30 years at a dance one fall night during my freshman year. This leads me to a bit of advice in that you want to be open to all possibilities you never know who you will meet or who you may reconnect with. It could be your wife or your business partner. Most of all take the time to make the connections that could last a lifetime for you.”