Vermont State University is built upon the best of Castleton University, Northern Vermont University, and Vermont Technical College, and was accredited by the New England Commission of Higher Education, July 1, 2023. Vermont State University Board of Trustees named Mike Smith as interim president of Vermont State University on April 14, 2023.

Transforming our three institutions into one Vermont State University is exciting work. We are doing so with a focus on students and our Vermont State College System’s (VSCS) strategic priorities of affordability, accessibility, quality, and relevance.  

The following offers some brief answers to the questions students and families have been asking. We will update these FAQs as more information becomes available. We are happy to connect with you personally as well. Please reach us at Admissions@VermontState.edu.    

1. Why are Castleton, Northern Vermont University, and Vermont Tech unifying to become Vermont State University?

The unification of our three institutions ensures we provide high-quality education to our students and preserve and expand access to affordable education statewide.

As the model of higher education shifts in response to demographic and economic challenges impacting higher education institutions throughout the country, we are building a single accredited entity, Vermont State University, that will broaden and deepen our offerings for students while reducing redundancy and increasing efficiency. Through our transformation, we will strengthen our services and offerings to better serve the students of Vermont and beyond.

The State of Vermont is mandating this change and providing significant financial support. The VSCS Board of Trustees and the Vermont Legislature have expressed their commitment to maintaining our existing campuses at Johnson, Lyndon, Randolph, Williston, and Castleton. By investing millions of dollars into the VSCS over the past year, the legislature has demonstrated its support for our campuses.

2. I attend, or am planning to attend this year (beginning before July 1, 2023). Will I be able to complete my program of study?

Yes, you will be able to complete your program of study by following your academic catalog and you will continue to have access to the same programs and required courses throughout your time at the university.  

You will also have more choices moving forward! A wide variety of courses will continue to be offered in person at your campus. In the future, you may also have the opportunity to take a new or different course by accessing classes offered at a different campus. If you choose to change to a new program that is offered after Vermont State University launches, you will be able to work with your advisor to ensure it is the best fit for you. 

3. I am considering Vermont State University, to possibly attend after July 1, 2023. What programs will Vermont State University offer?   

We’re so excited you are examining opportunities to pursue your education with us. We look forward to supporting you to reach your personal goals!   

You can view a list of our programs of study now! Vermont State University will leverage the strengths of our former institutions, and bring similar programs offered across the three institutions together to create stronger, more academically robust programs. Our unification is an incredible opportunity for students to have access to more programs and courses to round out their collegiate experience.

4. Are the requirements for general education going to change? 

Undergraduate programs across all disciplines include general education courses to ensure that students graduate with the broad knowledge, skills, and abilities needed in the 21st-century workplace. This will continue to be the case at Vermont State University.

Current students and those entering before July 1, 2023, will follow their academic catalog and continue to access the same general education programs and required courses throughout their time at the university. 

Vermont State University has a unified general education. Students have a more diverse and larger selection of courses to choose from to meet their program’s general education requirements. 

5. Will there continue to be programs that focus on workforce development, innovation, and technology? 

The Vermont State Colleges System is recognized by the state for the critical role we play in building a skilled workforce in Vermont, as well as in supplying the workforce of the future. We will continue to meet this need as Vermont State University with our Workforce Development Division. Shannon O’Neill serves as executive director of workforce development.   

6. As Vermont State University, after July 1, 2023, how will programs be available across locations?  

We are committed to providing accessible, high-quality education options for all students. The VSCS and Vermont Legislature are committed to maintaining campuses at Castleton, Johnson, Lyndon, Randolph, and Williston. Our many satellite sites will continue into the future, such as program-specific sites at Bennington, Killington, and many, many more. 

In many cases, students will be able to pursue their desired degree from multiple campus locations around the state through in-person, online, and hybrid (a combination of in-person and synchronous remote learning) modalities. Some academic programs and courses will be location-based due to their unique classroom/laboratory or other special facility needs. Some programs and courses will be available remotely from anywhere.   

As you consider which program, location, and modality are of most interest to you, you will be encouraged to work with admissions to determine the combination that best provides the academic and student experience you are seeking. 

7. Will the support I need for success continue to be available, such as academic support and wellness services? 

Preserving the high-touch, personalized approach, and close-knit campus communities for which we are known is very important to Vermont State University. All students will have accessible, inclusive, high-quality personalized service and support, regardless of their campus location or modality of study.   

Student support services are vital to the success of students. Each student will have at least one point of contact who will provide personalized support and help the student navigate the institution. Students will be connected to specialists as needed.  

8. Financial support is also important to me. Will financial aid and scholarships be available?  

Affordability is paramount, and it is part of our Vermont State University vision to provide accessible and affordable higher learning. Financial assistance will continue to be available in the form of new and returning student scholarships, as well as federal aid, grants, and loans.

For current students and those who entered before July 1, 2023: your awarded scholarships are honored according to scholarship policy. Tuition may be reduced in Vermont State University. For instance, current students’ future awards may be adjusted downward if tuition decreases, so that the amount of your scholarship remains consistent with the percentage of tuition met by the most recent award.

Tuition and fees for the 2023-2024 academic year are available now. Scholarship information for students seeking admission in 2023-2024 is also available. 

9. I am or hope to be a student-athlete. How are athletic programs affected by becoming Vermont State University?  

Athletics is recognized as a core element of the student experience and a source of diversity and energy on each campus where athletics exists today. Varsity, intramural, and club athletics will continue to be a source of competition, wellness, and fun.  

Current and incoming student-athletes are wondering: Will we still be Badgers? Hornets? Knights? Spartans? The answer is a resounding YES!  

Our much-loved mascots will remain at each location after becoming Vermont State University. We will proudly compete as Badgers, Hornets, Knights, and Spartans. Changes to athletic offerings are always made using data analysis. This practice will continue, and any adjustments to varsity athletic offerings in the coming years will be announced at least a year in advance. 

10. What residential and dining options will be available on the campus I choose to attend? 

Residence life and dining support thriving learning environments on many of our campuses. Future changes may occur over time, such as more flexible residential and dining options. Any change will be to better serve the evolving needs of students.

11. Will my diploma reflect the name of current institutions or Vermont State University? 

Students enrolled at Castleton University, Northern Vermont University, and Vermont Technical College before July 1, 2023, may choose to receive a diploma from the name of their current institution or Vermont State University. Students enrolling at Vermont State University after July 1, 2023, will be students and graduates of Vermont State University. 

It is our honor and privilege to serve students, and it is very important to us that your questions are thoroughly answered. Please connect with admissions at Admissions@VermontState.edu for assistance.