Electromechanical Engineering Technology, B.S.

Our Electromechanical Engineering (ELM) Technology degree will provide you with a broad understanding of the design, development, manufacturing, and technical support of emerging electromechanical products, integrating, and improving both the product and the process. Our Electromechanical Engineering Technology program integrates mechanical, electrical and software technologies to design and manufacture products that are robust, socially responsible, and cost-effective. The ELM program emphasizes automation and control systems. In larger firms, the electromechanical engineer may be a member of the design or manufacturing team, while in smaller companies, this role may be assigned to a single individual. Career opportunities include positions in electrical/electronic/mechanical systems, industrial automation, or system implementation, technical representative, and field service representative.

In the Vermont State University’s ELM degree 2+2 program, you can earn an associate in either electrical or mechanical engineering Technology during the first 2 years and an Electromechanical bachelor’s degree in an additional 2 years. After 4 years our graduates develop a significant understanding of both areas of engineering and have a keen ability to merge technologies and automate them using software.

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Why Study Electromechanical Engineering Technology at Vermont State?

  • High Earning Power: Prepare to enter a field that combines interesting and challenging work with great pay. The median annual salary is $101,780 for electrical engineers and $95,300 for mechanical engineers, according to the most recent data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. 
  • Exceptional Job Placement: 100% of students earning a Bachelor of Science in Electromechanical Engineering Technology from Vermont State find employment in the field within six months after graduation. 
  • Unique Career Flexibility:  Give yourself options. In our 2+2 program, you’ll choose to earn your associate degree in either Electrical Engineering Technology or Mechanical Engineering Technology with your third- and fourth-year courses bringing the two disciplines together for training that prepares you for a wide variety of electromechanical engineering technology jobs in different areas of focus.   
  • Foundation for Graduate Studies: Gain a solid foundation for further studies in our rigorous, ABET-accredited program. Many of Vermont State’s Electromechanical Engineering Technology students continue on to earn a master’s degree in a related field. 
  • Connections for Success: Get the inside track for career opportunities. Vermont State has established an electromechanical engineering technology advisory council, led by employers eager to hire our graduates.   

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