History, B.A.

Gain an understanding of the past for an informed, critical perspective on the present. In the B.A. in History program at Vermont State, you’ll study history from a global perspective, immersing yourself in the people, events, and ideas that have shaped culture from the ancient world to today. Explore unique perspectives in electives like Sports in American History and Modern Russia. Learn to analyze events through several lenses in our multidisciplinary curriculum, which includes courses in economics, geography, and political science. Graduate ready to pursue a career in teaching, apply for graduate school, or put your advanced analytical skills to use in the workplace.

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Why Study History at Vermont State?

  • In-Demand Soft Skills: What can you do with a history degree? A lot more than you might think. According to the professional networking platform LinkedIn, employers across every field place a high priority on soft skills including communication, research, and analytical ability — skills you’ll hone as a history major.  
  • Teacher Preparation: Are you interested in sharing your love of history with others as a teacher? When you earn your bachelor’s degree in history, you’re eligible to pursue endorsement for secondary education teacher licensure. Click here to view our catalog to learn more.  
  • Hands-on Research: You’ll find exciting initiatives and hands-on research opportunities at the historic Granger House Museum and Learning Lab on the Castleton Campus. In addition, the Lyndon Campus offers opportunities in the fast-growing field of digital history, where faculty and staff are pioneering new ways for students to develop job-ready skills. 
  • Award-Winning Faculty: Learn from those with a passion for and proficiency in the discipline. You’ll learn in small classes with award-winning, well-published, and internationally recognized faculty members. 
  • Capstone Experience: In the final year of studies, you’ll explore a historical research question in a substantial thesis that makes an original contribution to the discipline. An unusually in-depth project on the undergraduate level, it provides excellent preparation for further studies.  

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Sample Courses

  • Global History 
  • The Ancient World 
  • History of Love, Sex, and Family 
  • Revolutions in Latin America 

Student Stories

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“All of my History professors go out of their way to help me out, and I am always surprised at how much time and effort is afforded to me.”

Alex Adams

Meet Our Faculty

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Assistant Professor

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