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Our enthusiastic and accomplished faculty make literature come alive as you explore the complexities of the human experience through language. With a B.A. in Literature & Writing from Vermont State University, you will hone the skills you need for a successful career as a writer — whether you wish to become a journalist, communications specialist, author, or editor. You will develop strong creative and critical thinking abilities that enhance your classroom experience and prepare you for career paths in teaching, business, law, medicine, journalism, government, or further studies in graduate school.

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Why Study Literature & Writing at Vermont State?

  • Skills employers want: Our degree program prioritizes skills that employers look for. As a student, you’ll hone strong, effective writing abilities and gain expertise in creating impactful and dynamic visual media.
  • Teacher track option: Students who earn a B.A. in Literature & Writing can also pursue endorsement for licensure in secondary education. Our faculty will guide you through the certification process so you can graduate with your degree and be ready to walk into a teaching position.
  • Versatile career path: A degree in Literature & Writing is a versatile option that can lead to many different career paths. Our alumni have embarked on careers as web and marketing managers, spokespeople, English teachers, credit analysts, art licensing associates, wholesale buyers, librarians, technical writers, and copy editors.

Financial Aid for Literature and Writing Students

Vermont State University is providing a high-quality, affordable degree in Literature & Writing to students across Vermont and beyond. More than 80 percent of Vermont State students are awarded financial aid, including new students, transfer students, international students, out-of-state students, and first-generation students. Our financial aid team is here to help you explore all your options.

Internships & Jobs for Literature & Writing Students

At Vermont State, you’ll gain leading-edge skills for literature and writing jobs through internships, co-ops, career coaching, and more. Our internship placements will help you grow your professional network.

  • Students have completed rewarding internships at publishing houses, art centers, museums, and an international toy company, just to name a few.
  • To pursue your passion even further through extracurricular opportunities, you can apply to the Honors in Literature Program, join the Literary Club, or create an independent study.
  • Each of the Vermont State campuses has student publications where you can showcase your talents and get published. You and your peers from a variety of majors will combine your skills to create a publicly available edition of creative work. Leadership opportunities at each publication are available for students who thrive in editing, photography, and graphic design.

Minors Available in the Literature & Writing Program

Interested in adding a minor to your degree program? See minors available in the Literature & Writing program below.

  • Literature (English)
  • Writing

Student Stories

A black and white photo of Angela Weekes, a woman with short brunette hair wearing a string of pearls and smiling standing outside in front of a tree

“Each of my professors has shown a genuine interest in helping me cultivate my skills. They have focused on what I am learning and understanding. This has helped me take more away from each class.”

Angela Weekes ’16

“You often don’t know the impact you’re having on students until later. I’m a new teacher, but I’ve already had students come back and thank me. It’s nice to know you’re a positive influence.”

Gabby Fecher ’17
A photo of Gabby Fecher, a young woman with long brunette hair smiling sitting at a piano