Physical Education, B.S.

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With a growing national focus on physical health, fitness, and wellbeing, Vermont State’s Physical Education B.S. will prepare you for a wide variety of careers in the field. Our concentrations in Health and Physical Activity Promotion and Teaching PreK-12 Physical Education will give you the opportunity to develop your passion and become a leader.

In our physical education major you’ll start building skills in your first year with hands-on experiences. Our small classes and individual attention from faculty will support you as you develop problem-solving and professional dispositions you’ll need to excel. You’ll graduate confident about motivating others to live healthy, active lives — and you’ll be ready to succeed in a range of physical education jobs.

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Lisa Pleban

Professor and Coordinator of Physical Education Teacher Education


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Why Study Physical Education at Vermont State?

  • A Practical Education: You’ll start applying your skills in real-life environments early on in schools and other community settings. That’s the best preparation for a physical education teacher job and other health and wellness careers.     
  • Rewarding Career Tracks: You’ll choose a concentration in Health and Physical Activity Promotion or Teaching PreK-12 Education. Both tracks offer options for professional development and networking to help you succeed.      
  • Minors Available: If you pursue one of our Physical Education minors in Adventure Education or Coaching, you can broaden your skillset and potentially open up more career possibilities.     
  • A Solid Future: Our program has an impressive track record of graduates who’ve had great success in diverse professional opportunities: teaching, directing summer camps, coaching, public health, physical therapy, nutrition, and many others.    

Concentrations in Physical Education, B.S.

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Sample Courses

  • ​​​​Adventure Education​ 
  • Teaching Fitness and Wellness 
  • Directed Student Teaching in Physical Education 
  • Teaching Individual Sport Skills 
  • Internship in Health and Physical Activity Promotion

Meet Our Faculty

Professor and Coordinator of Physical Education Teacher Education

  • Castleton Campus


  • Castleton Campus

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