Professional Pilot Technology, B.S.

A degree in Professional Pilot Technology from Vermont State University will prepare you to pursue a commercial pilot license or other opportunities to make your mark. If you are committed and passionate about flying airplanes, come fly with the Vermont State Professional Pilot Technology program.

We’re the first college to offer an aviation degree in the state of Vermont and we hold our own on a national level too. This program will have you in the air during your first semester and offers the option to complete all seven FAA certificates and ratings. Gain valuable experience flying in Vermont and New England's unique terrain. You will be learning from career pilots and professionals that maintain their long-term industry connections, increasing your chances for employment opportunities.

Still up in the air? Consider that the students in the Professional Pilot program can become Certified Flight Instructors by their junior year and graduate with typically 500 or more flight hours already under their belts. That flight time makes graduates highly valued in the industry. Vermont State is authorized by the FAA to certify pilot graduates for the Restricted Airline Transport Pilot (RATP). The authorization is highly advantageous, as certified graduates can be hired as professional airline pilots that much sooner — creating a fast track to a career doing what you love.

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Why Study Professional Pilot Technology at Vermont State?

  • Affordability: Our aviation degree programs have a lower cost for attendance than other national aviation programs.   
  • Vermont Flight Academy: Vermont State has a contracted partnership with Vermont Flight Academy, the state’s first FAA Part 141 flight school — that operates from the Burlington International Airport, less than two miles away.  
  • Fast Track: The Vermont State program is authorized by the Federal Aviation Administration to certify pilot graduates with the Restricted Airline Transport Pilot credential. That could position you sooner for a job as a commercial airline pilot. 
  • An In-Demand Field: Employment in the industry is expected to grow by 13 percent until 2029, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.     

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Program Outcomes

Recent Employers

  • Delta Airlines 
  • JetBlue Airlines 
  • SkyWest Airlines 
  • Republic Airlines 
  • Piedmont Airlines 
  • Planesense 
  • Cape Air 
  • Vermont Army National Guard 
  • Vermont Air National Guard 
  • Private Corporate Jet 
  • Vermont Flight Academy 
  • Vermont State University 

100%Placement Rate

Vermont Tech 6 Month Outcome Survey, Class of 2022.

Sample Courses

  • ​​​​Aviation Fieldwork/Internship​ 
  • Private Instrument and Commercial Pilot 
  • Certified Flight Instructor 
  • Training and Flying Advanced Airplanes 
  • High Altitude Navigation and International Flight Operations  

Student Stories

A black and white photo of Jamie Heiam, a young woman wearing a communication headset with her head turned over her right shoulder. She is seated in the pilots seat, steering an airplane


“The pilot program offers a college degree, which is important to me – and when I visited the campus, I knew I was in the right place. The people here are incredibly open, the aviation group is a tight-knit community, and I will have the skills and expertise I want by the time I graduate.” 

 Jamie Heiam

“I have flown as far as Allentown, PA and Presque Isle, ME. I flew to Bangor, ME a couple months ago as part of my commercial flight training. I had never been to Bangor before so I decided to drive into downtown, check it out, and get an ice cream. What other major are you expected to leave the state? I knew very little about planes when I started this program. Now I am preparing to be a flight instructor.” 

Elisabeth Hoehn
A photo of Elisabeth Hoehn, a young woman with long blonde hair smiling in front of a green and white airplane
A photo of Ryan Cooney, a graduate of the Pilot Technology program at Vermont State University. He is a white male with brown hair and glasses, smiling at the camera in front of a plain yellow background.


“The classes for our program are fantastic at preparing you for almost any career in aviation. The faculty are excellent. My hope is to one day fly cargo operations, with FedEx and UPS being my top two choices of companies.” 

Ryan Cooney

Meet Our Faculty

Light brown haired woman in a black shirt smiles.

Adjunct Faculty

  • Williston Campus

Director of Aviation

  • Williston Campus

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