Dental Hygiene Clinic Patient’s Rights and Responsibilities 

As a patient in the Vermont State University Dental Hygiene Clinic, you have rights and responsibilities. These rights and responsibilities are outlined below as well as other pertinent information about our clinic. 

About the Vermont State University Dental Hygiene Clinic 

The Vermont State University Dental Hygiene Clinic provides a unique teaching and learning opportunity for students and patients. As a patient in the clinic, comprehensive dental hygiene services will be provided by dental hygiene students under direct faculty supervision. If you require additional dental treatment, you will be referred to an alternative source for care within the community. 

Individuals with certain existing medical conditions may require a medical consultation with their personal physician prior to receiving dental hygiene services in the clinic. Some medical conditions may require taking antibiotics before the dental hygiene appointment. 

Vermont State University Dental Hygiene Clinic Responsibilities

At your first appointment, an initial examination will be performed which will serve as a basis for your proposed dental hygiene treatment. When indicated, the following services may be recommended: x-ray films, polishing of restorations, placement of dental sealants, and nutritional or plaque control counseling. The dental hygiene students and faculty will provide you with instructions that, when carefully followed, should assist you in controlling the dental disease within your mouth. Although in most cases we provide comprehensive treatment, certain situations may prevent completion of care in our clinic. Our clinic provides only dental hygiene services, and we recommend that you see your general dentist for an examination once a year. 

In order to be educated to the highest standards, our students are required to treat a variety of patients with challenging oral conditions. This limits the number of available appointments for patients who do not present with those types of challenges.  

Patient Responsibilities

In a teaching and learning environment, such as the Dental Hygiene Clinic, treatment does not always progress as quickly as it does in a dental office. At each patient visit, students must consult with faculty on a variety of patient care issues which may prolong the time it takes to complete your care. Depending upon the condition of your mouth, multiple appointments will be necessary. If, after reading this document you feel you cannot spend the time required to complete your treatment, please call us as soon as possible so that another patient can be scheduled in your reserved appointment time. 

Since this is an educational institution, our students’ education is dependent upon patients attending all appointments and arriving in a timely manner. Please make every effort to keep your appointments and arrive on time so the student does not lose valuable clinic time. If you cancel several clinic appointments without appropriate notice (48 hours) we may be unable to schedule further appointments. We do charge minimal fees for the services we provide and ask that you remit payment at the end of your first appointment.  

Patient’s Rights 

As a patient, you can expect: 

  • to be treated in a nondiscriminatory manner and with respect and consideration regarding your dental, medical and personal needs
  • to be well informed of all aspects of your oral health
  • a thorough assessment of your oral health needs
  • to be informed of appointments and fee schedules
  • to have appointment times observed and a reasonable fee charged for rendered services
  • to receive current information and be assured quality treatment
  • to be educated to maintain oral health
  • appropriate and timely referrals for additional oral health services not provided by the clinic
  • to be treated by providers who model good personal health
  • that all treatment conforms to current infection control standards as designated by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and the United States Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA)
  • confidentiality of all information pertinent to your care
  • to have access to your dental records upon request – a modest administration fee is charged for duplication of patient documents
  • to be treated as a partner in care by giving written or verbal consent for treatment

Current clinic fees are: 

  • Complete Oral Hygiene: $40. Adult/Children
  • Complete Mouth Radiographs: $45.
  • 4 Bitewing Radiographs: $25.
  • 2 Bitewing Radiographs: $15.
  • Panograph: $45.
  • Single Periapical Radiograph: $7.00
  • Pit and Fissure Sealants: $20/tooth max $75
  • Silver Diamine Fluoride Application: $5/tooth/application
    At your request, your digital radiographs will be sent electronically to your dental provider.