Recording Studio 

Toft ATB 24 recording console, Avid Artist Mixers, and outboard equipment found in the Recording Studio at Lyndon campus.

Vermont State Lyndon’s recording studio is the pride of the Music Business and Industry (MBI) program. The studio is open 24-hours a day, seven days a week for students to work on class and personal projects. Most MBI students can access this space within their first year at the university. It consists of an acoustically treated control room, tracking space, and isolation room. It is the perfect space to capture your musical ideas or mix your next release. 

Launch Experience

Recording Studio control room looking into tracking space (live room).

Recording Studio tracking space (live room) looking toward control room.

The Toft ATB 24 recording console, Avid Artist Mixers, and outboard equipment found in the Recording Studio.

The Recording Studio’s control room has the following tools and equipment: 

  • A Toft ATB 24 analog recording console connected to an Avid: Pro Tools HDX system  
  • Pro Tools Ultimate and Logic Pro X DAW software as well as plugins by McDSP, all available on the Apple Mac Pro computer 
  • Equipment by API, Avalon, DBX, JBL, Millennia, Universal Audio, and Yamaha  
  • An ergonomic desk surrounding the console 
  • Two Avid Artist Mixers flanking the console for controlling parameters inside the DAW software 
  • A MIDI controller  

The tracking space (or live room) at Vermont State is fully equipped for all types of student recording and sound projects. The space has microphones, cables, headphones, instruments, direct boxes, and stands. Additionally: 

  • Microphones by AKG, Audio Technica, Electro-Voice, Neumann, Sennheiser, and Shure are available to all students that access the space.  
  • A drum set, upright piano, electric guitar, and bass (with amplifiers) are always in the space.  
  • There is a customizable headphone system in the tracking space so the recording artist can create their perfect mix. 

The isolation room in the recording studio has been acoustically treated for capturing vocals or dialogue for film, television, and video games. 

Learn more about the nationally recognized B.S. in Music Business & Industry (MBI) program at Vermont State and how MBI students use the Recording Studio for coursework, their own projects, and the student-run record label. The major offers three concentrations: Audio Production, Music & Self-Promotion, and Music Management. Avid Operator Certification and the Avid User Certification are also available in some concentrations. 

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