Disability Accommodations for Housing 

Two people sitting opposite each other in a double occupancy VTSU residence room.

Vermont State University recognizes the importance of providing reasonable accommodations in its housing policies and practices for individuals with disabilities. The following information is here to help you learn about accessing university housing.  

The Office of Disability Services is responsible for evaluating whether to grant or deny requests for reasonable accommodation in university housing. In evaluating the request, Disability Services will consult with the Office of Residence Life and the Vermont State University ADA/Section 504 Coordinator to determine whether the requested accommodation is necessary and reasonable. If you reside or intend to reside in university housing and believe you need an accommodation, you must contact Disability Services at DisabilityServices@VermontState.edu.

Please use the Disability Accommodation Request Guidelines for University Housing to read detailed guidance about the necessary documentation you need to request a reasonable accommodation.    

Vermont State will accept and consider requests for reasonable accommodation in university housing at any time. To make a request for accommodation, you should complete and provide the Request Form to Disability Services as soon as possible before moving into university housing.  

Please note: if the request for accommodation is made fewer than 60 days before you intend to move into university housing, Vermont State cannot guarantee that it will be able to meet your accommodation needs during the first semester or term of occupancy.  

If the need for the accommodation arises when you already reside in university housing, you should contact Disability Services and complete the Request Form as soon as practicably possible. Vermont State cannot guarantee that it will be able to meet the accommodation needs during the semester or term in which the request is received.  

Outside of exceptional circumstances, the university will attempt to provide a written response to a reasonable accommodation request within fourteen (14) business days of receiving the information described below.  

The learning environment and residential living are central to the Vermont State University
experience, particularly for first-year students who are required to live in our residence
halls. It should be noted that living within the community and learning to share space and
be considerate of others is part of that learning experience. By virtue of the shared facilities,
resources, and number of people living under one roof, it is not logical to assume that
having a private room would provide for such quiet, distraction-free space to any
appreciable degree beyond living in a standard double room. We evaluate requests for
exceptions carefully. To aid this process, requests (submitted yearly) should include:

  1. Documentation, consistent with VTSU Guidelines, of the condition or need that is the
    basis of the request;
  2. An explanation of how the request relates to the impact of the condition;
  3. An indication of the level of need for the recommended accommodation (and the
    consequences of not receiving it)
    • Is there a significant negative health impact that may be permanent if the request is
      not met?
    • Is the request an integral component of a treatment plan for the condition in
      question? Does the request center on room adaptations necessary for safe and
      independent occupancy in the residence hall?

To evaluate requests based on medical, psychological or disability-related conditions
accurately and equitably, Vermont State University will need sufficient information to
understand how the requested housing assignment relates to the current impact of the
condition. For those with medically related conditions, such documentation generally
consists of an evaluation by an appropriate professional providing treatment for the

Documentation supporting a request will be reviewed by the Disability Services office, and
that office will hold all documentation. All Information is considered confidential.

How does the University Determine the Reasonableness of a Request? 

Disability Services may deny the requested accommodation if it is unreasonable. Disability Services will consult with Residence Life to determine if implementing the requested accommodation is reasonable.    

An accommodation is unreasonable if it:  

  1. Imposes an undue financial and/or administrative burden 
  2. Fundamentally alters university housing policies; 
  3. Poses a direct threat to the health and safety of others or would cause substantial property damage to the property of others, including university property 
  4. And/or is otherwise unreasonable to the operation of the university.   

How Will I Be Notified If My Request is Approved?

If Disability Services determines a requested accommodation is necessary and is reasonable, it will contact you in writing within seven business days of its determination. We will arrange a meeting with you to discuss the implementation of the accommodation.   

Please note: Being approved for housing accommodation does not guarantee that you will be placed in your first-choice residential hall or with your preferred roommates/friends. Disability Services makes determinations regarding functional accommodations in housing and is not involved in the process of assigning specific rooms or specific roommates/suitemates. This process is managed by Student Life, and you will be notified of your specific room assignment separately. 

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Johnson and Online Students

Pamela Billings, M.A., CCC-SLP
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337 College Hill Road
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