Active Duty Deployment

If a student enlisted in the armed forces is called up to active duty during the semester, he or she must provide an Associate Academic Dean with a copy of the official orders and-if possible-an indication of the length of the tour. At that point, the student is withdrawn effective to the beginning of the semester; the student’s semester charges are adjusted to zero, any financial aid is returned to the source, and the student is fully refunded any personal payments made to the University.

Exception: If the deployment takes place in the final two weeks of the semester, the student has the option to discuss with his or her professors the possibility of being given a grade of “Incomplete” and an extension to finish the course work.  In this case, there is no need for financial adjustments.

Service members returning from a leave of absence due to active duty deployment will retain their academic standing and may continue their education where they left off if they return to Vermont State University within the terms of the official leave of absence. The university will make reasonable efforts to accommodate students in programs that have quotas, are being phased out, or have been dropped from the curriculum. Students on extended leave may encounter difficulty when program course changes have been made. The student retains the right to use either the degree requirements in the catalog in effect at the time of admission or the degree requirements of any other catalog published during the period of active enrollment.

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