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Brad Sauls

Adjunct Instructor

I am a Marine Corps veteran, and served 4 years from 1999-2003. Once I left the Marine Corps, I ventured into the world of environmental science. I have been an environmental scientist for over 10 years, and I have worked on projects dealing with salinity (salt) in the Colorado River Basin, working with clean water standards in various parts of the country, and conducted research on the decline of shark species in the Atlantic Ocean. I have also worked as an environmental coordinator/scientist for various non-profit and for-profit organizations, and have worked at several zoos conducting animal research.

In regards to teaching, I have been teaching at various universities and schools both online and on-ground for almost 10 years. I love teaching and engaging with students to ensure they get the absolute best learning experiences.

When I am not teaching, I like to hike, run, ride my bike, swim, and camp. I also enjoy road trips, and going to the many National Parks, and coastal areas when I can.