Class of 2010

  • Faculty

Russ Weis


Part-time (Adjunct) Instructor

Russ views teaching as a privilege and is a student-centered instructor. He has taught and continues to teach various courses in both the Writing & Literature Department and Education (undergraduate- and graduate-level) Department on the Johnson campus and via Zoom. In addition, he has taught First Year Seminars (JSC and NVU) and is now teaching a Connections seminar at VTSU. He also has taught English Composition for CCV and Rhetorical Expression for the JSC External Degree Program. At various points during his two decades plus on the Johnson campus he has also worked as an academic advisor, fulfilled various roles within the Johnson Upward Bound program, coordinated the SERVE Office, and served as the faculty advisor to the student environmental club.

Russ served as an Environmental/Education Commentator for Vermont Public Radio, 2011-2018.