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Scott Holson

VtSBDC Business Advisor, Orange & Northern Windsor Counties, Statewide Innovation & Tech

Scott helps entrepreneurs and companies plan for successful commercialization of their innovative ideas or products. Scott’s work covers many aspects of a product development pathway and is focused helping entrepreneurs see and understand undeveloped aspects of their project that have the potential to jeopardize and/or increase the expense and timeline of the project. His career has spanned from medical device development, manufacturing in consumer goods, business ownership in the automotive field and food products, retail in food and household goods, sales of computer hardware and software, consulting on government contracting, research and development funding options and commercialization. Scott volunteers his time as the co-director at the Horizons Observatory where they integrate learning about astronomy and their curriculum. Scott enjoys the outdoors hiking, skiing, snowshoeing and for fun he can be found flying his remote-control airplanes and helicopters.

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