Antonietta Girardi

A West Rutland native, Antonietta Girardi has always had a curiosity for history.

“I chose to be a history major because of the love I have for the discipline,” said Girardi, who transferred to Vermont State University (VTSU) Castleton from the University of Vermont to earn her History degree. “History is fascinating as it has a charming way of helping us learn the past in order to better understand people, culture, politics, economics, and the very world we live in.”

Having grown up in a small town, Castleton’s rural setting proved to be the perfect atmosphere for Girardi to focus on her studies. During the warmer months of the year, she recalls taking a five-minute ride to Lake Bomoseen to study or complete homework assignments by the water.

“The cozy feel and beautiful setting facilitated my study habits,” she said.

Girardi took her studies beyond the classroom, interning with the Vermont State’s Attorney in Rutland, where she was able to gain valuable legal experience before attending law school, an opportunity that she says helped build her skill base but also better prepared her to enter the field of law.

Helping her through her college journey was History Professor Andre Fleche, encouraging Girardi to continuously challenge herself and take on beneficial opportunities. Also serving as her academic advisor, he left a lasting impression.

“My advisor truly cares about my education and career goals, and goes above and beyond my expectation of what an advisor should do,” she said. “In addition to receiving individualized attention from my advisor, countless experiences with my professors have made me feel appreciative and content with my decision to attend Castleton.”

Girardi believes VTSU Castleton has fully prepared for the next chapter of her career.

“The experiences and interactions I have had here at the Castleton campus have helped me to realize my future goals,” she said. “I have truly come to love Castleton.”