Brooke Naylor

From northern Vermont to southern-centered Vermont State University (VTSU) Castleton, Nursing alumni Brooke Naylor has found the tools needed to positively impact other people’s lives. After many hospital experiences with her family growing up, the choice to major in Nursing came naturally to Naylor.

“Vermont State Castleton, along with the staff, have helped me shape the nurse that I desire to be. It has shown me what I am capable of and pushed me to expand my knowledge in many different directions,” said Naylor.

A member of the softball team her freshman and sophomore years, Naylor decided to put more time and energy into her desired career path come junior year.

Partaking in clinical studies at more than six different facilities, including Dartmouth, Rutland Regional, and Porter Hospital, helped her to build a foundation as a nurse and showed her a variety of experiences in her chosen profession.

“I have gone far beyond anything that I thought I would have done here at VTSU Castleton,” Naylor said. “I have succeeded in areas I thought would provide me with my toughest challenges, and have found many other challenges along the way.”

Naylor aspires to be a Neonatal nurse, a goal set after several days of experience in the Neonatal Intense Care Unit at Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center. She hopes to take her bachelor’s degree to the southern United States to pursue a residency program and fine tune the skills learned at VTSU Castleton through the University’s virtual hospital, clinical, and classroom settings.

“I don’t believe I could have gotten this experience anywhere else. It was a one of a kind adventure, and I wouldn’t change it for anything,” said Naylor on the unique learning opportunities provided to her over the years. “A lot of people go through their whole life not really knowing who they are or what they want. I found all my answers here, and I am extremely thankful for that.”