Deborah Rodolfy

Graduate program alumni Deborah Rodolfy decided to take advantage of Vermont State University (VTSU) Castleton’s Masters of Art in Educational Leadership degree not only because of its great reputation, but also its convenience and flexibility.

“VTSU Castleton allowed me to complete my degree in two years with a schedule that was flexible and accommodating to my teaching position,” Rodolfy said.

Today, Rodolfy serves as the Principal of Proctor Junior and Senior High School in Proctor, VT. On her last visit to the Castleton campus in 2013, she was able to see the remarkable growth of the university, starting with the size of the student body, and the expansion of residence halls and facilities across campus.

When reflecting back on her educational experience, Rodolfy said she would never forget the countless Saturday classes spent working with her cohorts on projects, and attending the VPA conference with her fellow students and professors.

“The small cohort and personalized environment make the VTSU Castleton graduate experience special,” Rodolfy said.