Joel Williams

Joel Williams, an Information Technology major, chose Vermont State for its affordable tuition, stellar job placement rate, and small classes.  

“Initially, I was enrolled at Clarkson University in Potsdam, New York. In my time at Clarkson, I found many friends to socialize with but ultimately did not apply myself to my studies. Even from the remote learning setting, I’ve felt like Vermont State University offers a much better sense of community to gather around and keep spirits high. All of my professors know my name, and there aren’t lectures with 200+ students. I’ve enjoyed my time here very much so far.” 

Joel chose his major because he’s always enjoyed doing things with computers. 

“From a young age, I was playing video games, surfing the web, and, of course, staring at a command prompt window wondering what the heck all of those random numbers meant,” Joel said. “One of my professors put the secret to success very plainly. Do the work. If you do the work, you’ll get the grade.” 

Joel is currently employed at a small family deli called Aviation Deli and Fine Foods. Once Joel graduates, he wants to land a job in a related field with adequate room for growth and advancement. 

“When I was considering the Computer Information Technology major, I often felt like I wasn’t actually that great with computers. I felt that the things I knew were just common knowledge. Fortunately, not as many people like computers as much as I thought! Imposter syndrome and the Dunning-Kruger effect are very real. If you think it may be interesting and you’ve got the time and money to pursue a degree in Computer Science, I say go for it!”