Mikayla Shaw

A science-focused field is what drew Connecticut-native Mikayla Shaw to come study Psychology in the Green Mountains.

“When I first came to Castleton, I was incredibly impressed by what the Psychology department offers,” said Shaw who’s sights were set on a specific branch of Psychological study. “The Forensic Psychology department here stood out from other schools as being the best program to prepare me not only for graduate school, but my future career.”

Vermont State University (VTSU) is one of only a few schools in the United States to offer multiple forensics courses under an official program designed specifically for Forensic Psychology. Along with VTSU Castleton and its faculty’s heavily research-focused mentality, Shaw has been able to bring her future goals into focus.

“The University faculty and staff have been incredible from the very beginning,” she said. “They have enabled me to better myself academically, professionally, and personally. There is not a single Psychology professor that has not made my experiences at the Castleton campus better.”

Vermont State Castleton’s great reputation in its surrounding areas allows students hands-on experience outside of the classroom with potential employers. Shaw worked for the Boys and Girls Club of Rutland County before landing a job in her field of interest at Rutland Mental Heath. On campus she is a volunteer for the school’s Safe Ride program, as well as a member of the Psychology Club.

“The psychology department faculty is definitely what I’ll remember most. They set really high goals for their students and go out of their way to help students achieve them,” said Shaw. “Before you know it, you’re accomplishing things you never imagined before VTSU Castleton.”