Vermont State Student Tech Requirement

Vermont State University’s (VTSU) new Student Tech Requirement will require full-time undergraduate degree-seeking students who start in or after fall 2024 to have a laptop computer for coursework. 

During the enrollment process, students may attest to owning a computer that meets the required specifications (see below). If a student does not attest to owning a computer that meets the specs, a computer will be purchased for the student through the Vermont State program, which offers a discounted price for a new MacBook Air. For some degree programs, a Windows/PC machine with higher specs may be recommended. Please be sure to review the below FAQ for specifications and purchase information.

Please note: The Student Tech Requirement does not apply to fully online, dual-enrollment, early college, VAST, graduate, part-time, or currently enrolled students. However, all students may choose to purchase a computer through VTSU’s discounted program. Please see the information in the FAQs that follow.