Biology, B.S.

Explore the science of life in the bachelor’s degree in Biology program at Vermont State University. Build knowledge in a number of core areas – from molecular biology to ecology – and prepare for a wide variety of careers or graduate studies. Work with faculty who are published scientists and gain hands-on research experience in settings ranging from on-campus laboratories to the tropical rainforests of Costa Rica. With a Concentration in Molecular Biology & Biomedicine, as well an option to pursue secondary education licensure, you can also receive the training you need to continue to medical school, graduate school, or a teaching career.

Our Biology program alumni have gone on to successful roles as medical and veterinary doctors, physician assistants, pharmacists, science educators, research scientists, and laboratory technicians in medical labs, biotechnology, and pharmaceutical companies.

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Why Study Biology at Vermont State?

  • Pathway to High-Paying Careers in Biology: Take the first step toward an exciting and well-paying job. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average salary for biological scientists is $95,920. Many of the higher-paying jobs in biology will require a graduate degree. If you decide to pursue one, your B.S. in Biology from Vermont State will give you the perfect foundation for further studies.  
  • Research Opportunities: Gain real research experience to stand out on the job market or in graduate school applications. Whether you are participating in a faculty-led research project, taking a travel course to the Mojave Desert, or conducting your own independent research, our hands-on curriculum will give you numerous opportunities to develop your skills as a scientist. 
  • A Natural Laboratory: Experience the wonder of nature. Our biology courses will get you outside, exploring the riches of Vermont’s forests and rivers through the lens of scientific inquiry.  
  • Personalized Classroom Experience: At Vermont State, you’re more than a number. You’ll be part of small classes taught by expert faculty who can provide individualized support and mentorship to help you reach your academic and career goals. 
  • Flexible Focus: Customize your biology degree. The program includes a number of electives spanning topics like immunology, ecology, and developmental biology so you can study the areas that fit your plans and interests. An optional Molecular Biology and Biomedicine Concentration opens the door to careers in medicine, pharmaceuticals, or biomedical research. 
  • Strong Partnerships: Take advantage of Vermont State’s strong partnerships with organizations like the Icelandic Forest Service, Poultney Mettowee Natural Resources Conservation District, and Vermont Biomedical Research Network to open more opportunities for your future. 
  • Teaching Licensure: Do you have a passion for science and an eagerness to share that passion with the next generation? You can combine your biology major with our Secondary Education program to graduate ready to pursue licensure and jobs as a high school science teacher.  

Concentrations in Biology, B.S.

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Sample Courses

  • Cellular and Molecular Biology 
  • Virology 
  • Forest Ecology 
  • Microbiology 
  • Vermont Herpetology 

Student Stories

A blond woman in scrubs with a stethoscope around her neck smiles at the camera.

“The biology program opened up so many doors for me and helped shape my career path. The classes offered afforded many opportunities for more individualized education. That, along with participating in undergraduate research, allowed me to stand out from other candidates when furthering my education.”

Katelynn Leavey
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“Here, we had access to cutting-edge techniques, incredible mentorship, and exciting science, all while maintaining a close-knit community and small class ratios.”

Emily Whitcomb
A dark haired girl leans against a railing with a large mountain in the background.

“Undergrad research is basically unheard of anywhere else. So, because of Castleton, I will have a leg up on both experience and mastering scientific techniques for when I graduate.” 

Nicole Amagliani

Meet Our Faculty


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Professor of Biology

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Associate Professor

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Associate Professor of Biology

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Associate Professor of Atmospheric Sciences

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Associate Professor

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Associate Professor of Physics

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Professor of Chemistry & Biochemistry

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Professor of Environmental Science and Chemistry

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