Health Science

  • Bachelor of Science

In-Person Plus at:

  • Castleton, VT
  • Johnson, VT
  • Lyndon, VT

In Person Plus programs are In Person with options for cross-campus classes and flexibility for remote study.

With your Bachelor of Science in Health Science from Vermont State University, you’ll gain the professional knowledge and skills essential for your success in a wide range of health-related careers, including athletic training, health, and wellness coaching, and more. No matter the path you choose, your courses, internships, research, and clinical experiences will prepare you for any career in this growing field. 

Why Study Health Science at Vermont State?

  • Growing field: Health and wellness careers are highly marketable, both locally and nationally. Eight out of the top 20 fastest-growing occupations are allied health careers. 
  • Community impact: Through this program, you’ll be equipped with tools to improve the quality of life of those in your community, regardless of the path you pursue. Our curriculum focuses on wellness promotion and injury and disease prevention in diverse populations.  
  • Excellent graduate school preparation: Our health science program prepares you to enter graduate school, too. Our graduates frequently receive preferred admission to several schools, including Vermont State’s Master of Athletic Training, Russell Sage College Graduate School, and Albany College of Pharmacy & Health Sciences. Students can go on to earn a Master’s in Occupational Therapy (MS-OT), a Doctorate in Physical Therapy (DPT) from Russell Sage, or participate in the 3+4 Pharmacy Degree with Albany College of Pharmacy & Health Sciences.  

Concentrations in Health Science

Students in this program choose a concentration to combine with their foundational classes.

  • General
  • Health & Wellness Coaching
  • Pre-Athletic Training
  • Pre-Professional Studies

To apply, please select Health Science from the list on the application. You will have opportunity to identify your concentration interest after you apply.

Financial Aid for Health Science Students

Vermont State University is providing a high-quality, affordable degree in health science to students across Vermont and beyond. More than eighty percent of Vermont State students are awarded financial aid, including new students, transfer students, international students, out-of-state students, and first-generation students. Our financial aid team is here to help you explore all your options.

Internships & Jobs in Health Science

Hands-On Learning Experiences Within the Program

At Vermont State, you’ll gain leading-edge skills for health science jobs through internships, co-ops, career coaching, research, and more. Our internship placements will help you grow your professional network. Vermont State’s Health Science program includes a wide range of hands-on research and learning opportunities as part of your program. Here’s just a sampling:  

  • Take part in human health research through physiology and clinical trial investigations — then present your findings to faculty.  
  • Complete a Practicum in an Exercise Leadership course and work with adults in the local community who have been referred by their healthcare professionals.  
  • Observe healthcare professionals, including athletic trainers and physical therapists, in their practices.  
  • Take part in clinical assignments with men’s and women’s varsity athletic teams, cooperative experiences at other area colleges, high schools, Killington Ski Resort, and the Vermont Orthopedic Clinic.  

Graduate Career-Ready 

Your career opportunities are as varied as your experiential learning options. Vermont State health science graduates work at colleges, universities, high schools, in professional sports organizations, physicians’ offices, hospitals, military bases, industrial healthcare clinics, in the performing arts, corporate health, and wellness, as personal trainers, physical therapists, athletic trainers, community health educators, and more. 

Choose Your Focus

This major starts with core courses and then branches out to tracks — each taught by faculty who are experts in the field. You can prepare to apply to professional programs in the health care field, such as nutrition, occupational therapy, and physical therapy. Or, prepare to continue your education in Vermont State’s CAATE accredited Master of Athletic Training program (at Castleton Campus only). Gain the skills for careers in personal training, corporate health and wellness, community health education, and health/wellness counseling. Or prepare for a wide range of career paths in health-related fields or graduate programs. You can also choose to double-major, add a minor, or transfer into the Health Science program and still graduate on time.  

Minors Available in the Health Science Program

Interested in adding a minor to your degree program? See minors available in the Health Science program below.

  • Health & Wellness Coaching
  • Nutrition

Student Stories

A young man with dark hair wears a button up white shirt and blue tie and smirks at the camera.

“The professors know who you are, even in lecture classes like anatomy or chemistry. That connection really made me not want to disappoint them and try that much harder to do well in their classes.” 

Grandon Smith ’17 
Health Science
A girl with long blond hair stands and smiles for the camera against a sunset lake background.

“My advisors have been super helpful about everything, from classes to more personal help — which I wouldn’t have received at a bigger school. Here, I’m not just a number.” 

Jocelyn Pellerin ’21
Health Science, Psychology