As Vermont High School Spring Athletics Wind Down, Vermont State University has Message for Seniors

As Vermont High School Spring Athletics Wind Down, Vermont State University has Message for Seniors: Come to VTSU and Continue as a Student Athlete

Athletics are strong and thriving at Castleton, Lyndon, Randolph and Johnson Campuses

Interim President David Bergh has a strong message for graduating senior high school athletes: come to Vermont State University and continue playing the sport or sports you love. Athletics have long been part of the culture and excitement that comes with attending Vermont State University’s campuses in Castleton, Johnson, Lyndon, and Randolph. Campus sports include competitive NCAA (Castleton, Johnson, Lyndon) and USCAA (Randolph) varsity programs, as well as intramural and club sports ranging from basketball to baseball and football, both alpine and Nordic skiing and field hockey, among others.

“Enrollment is up and we’re excited for our future. Our student-athletes have great experiences at Vermont State University and provide us with so much entertainment and excitement all year long,” shared Interim President Bergh. “Athletics are a great way to make friends, stay fit physically and emotionally and bring school spirit and inspiration to the community. I encourage any graduating student-athlete who would like to continue with athletics next year in college to give VTSU a look. We have such a broad array of sports teams in all seasons and our multiple campuses mean students can very likely play the sport or sports they love here at VTSU. If playing on a varsity team isn’t your thing, we have great club and intramural options as well.”

Furthering the VTSU commitment to collegiate athletics, Interim President Bergh was recently unanimously elected presidential chair of the North Atlantic Conference, the conference in which VTSU Lyndon and Johnson participate. 

“Johnson athletics is a close-knit community which provides me the resources needed for success on the court and in the classroom,” noted women’s basketball center, Gabby Wardwell.  “Diversity, inclusivity and caring for others is what being a Badger is all about!”

“Athletics here is a way of life,” shared Johnny Johnson, class of 2025, a proud VTSU Randolph Knight who competes in both basketball and track.Athletics teaches you quality leadership skills, teamwork skills, and how to overcome adversity. We hold each other accountable and help each other grow.”

Unification of VTSU last year has afforded students the opportunity to participate in a broader array of athletics, intramurals and club sports offered across four of the five campus sites. Vermont State University has retained each of its legacy mascots, preserving cherished individual campus identities. Athletes can be Hornets at VTSU Lyndon, Knights at VTSU Randolph, Badgers at VTSU Johnson or Spartans at VTSU Castleton. Many VTSU student-athletes have the opportunity to travel for competitions and serve as proud ambassadors for the school and the state, which is a unique and meaningful experience.

“There’s no question that academics come first for our students, but athletics here are treated as extensions of our student’s academic experience. Students are supported by our faculty, staff, peers and the community to succeed in both areas,” Bergh continued.

Unlike some higher education programs where students are limited to just one sport, students at VTSU are given the unique opportunity to participate in two, or even three sports.

“We are so proud of our athletics programs and are excited to welcome our next first-year class of student-athletes in the fall,” shared Greg Eckman, athletic director and women’s basketball coach at VTSU Johnson. “We are hoping it’ll be our largest recruiting year yet and set the stage for a great experience for all—athletes and spectators alike—at VTSU”

You can learn more about all athletic offerings at Vermont State University here.