Vermont State Celebrates its First-Generation College Students

A person standing at the top of a mountain at dawn with his arms raised in triumph.

Vermont State University recognizes the vision and determination of our students who are the first in their families to attend college — a full 47% of the Vermont State student population this academic year.

As one student shared, “Being a first-generation student shows strength, resilience, and drive. Here, I’ve been able to find mentorship through staff and faculty to learn my strengths and create my own path to success.”

In celebration of their efforts, we’re joining in the National First-Generation College Celebration and offering a series of workshops leading up to events on each campus as part of the November 8 national celebration day.

Workshops! November 1-7 we’re offering a series of workshops for First-Gen students. Take part for a chance to win a gift card, too! Workshops can be joined in person on the VTSU Castleton campus or via Zoom link from Academic Success Resources on the Portal. See

Celebration! On November 8, each VTSU campus will feature its own First-Generation Celebration event. Look for posters on each campus with details, and all information at Academic Support Resources on the Portal: