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Vermont State’s rigorous Molecular Biology & Biomedicine Concentration in our Biology program prepares you for a variety of positions in medicine, science, and research as well as admission to medical school. Our program gives you opportunities typically found in a biomedicine major at large research institutions — but with the personalized learning and attention for which Vermont State University is known. The Molecular Biology & Biomedicine program is specially designed to help you pursue careers in medicine (pre-medical, pre-dental, or pre-veterinary school), pharmaceutical sciences, or biomedical research. You’ll benefit from small classes, conducting your own faculty-mentored research, assistance with medical school applications, and completing internships in medical settings.

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Why Study Molecular Biology & Biomedicine at Vermont State?

  • Hands-On Learning: You’ll conduct research alongside your professors and your classes may bring you to natural ecosystems across Vermont, or places like the Mojave Desert, Costa Rica, Iceland, and other locations.  
  • Medical School Preparation: If you plan to pursue medical school, we’ll encourage you to complete an internship or volunteer experience in a hospital, clinic, or other medical settings. We’ll also help you prepare to take the Medical College Admissions Test (MCAT) by the end of your junior year. 
  • Licensure Opportunity: With your molecular biology and biomedicine degree, you’ll be eligible to pursue endorsement for licensure as a science teacher for grades 7 to 12. 
  • Broad Background: We’ll provide you with foundational knowledge relevant to all sub-fields of biology, so you can keep your career options open. Professionals in these fields commonly begin as biomedicine or molecular biology majors:  
    • Agricultural scientists 
    • Field naturalists 
    • Foresters 
    • Microbiologists 
    • Molecular biologists 
    • Nutritionists 
    • Physicians 
    • Physiologists 
    • Science writers 
    • Therapists 
    • Toxicologists 

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Sample Courses

  • Virology 
  • Immunology 
  • Advanced Human Physiology 
  • Developmental Biology 

Student Stories

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“Each and every professor I’ve had the privilege of getting to know has been amazing. They have all given me their best advice on classes, work ethics, after graduation fears, and troubles to their best abilities and I could not be more thankful.”

Nicole Amagliani

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