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The Music Management Concentration within the Music Business & Industry bachelor’s program at Vermont State University gives you the training and instruction in artist management, music marketing and distribution, music publishing, and event and venue management. You will explore the concepts and skills needed for mastery of all the practical, legal, financial, and marketing aspects of music management. The program provides the expertise and hands-on experience that is necessary for building careers in concert booking and promotion, artist management, music marketing, music publishing, and more.

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Why Study Music Management at Vermont State

Real-World Experience: Work on campus-based music events, create and market commercial music for the student-run record label Eneekay Records, and interact with working professionals through internships and courses for a competitive edge. 

What You’ll Learn 

In the Music Management Concentration, you’ll add a focus on the management side of the industry to your core MBI courses, gaining a solid foundation in accounting, business software and spreadsheets along with an understanding of event and venue management and promotion. Gain direct experience using what you’re learning through being part of the two-course Record Label Practicum and work as part of the Eneekay Records team to produce and promote a 3-song EP, or help manage the program’s annual Gregg Fest music festival each spring on campus. You’ll graduate ready to collaborate with other industry professionals with solid foundational skills and experience to adapt and flourish in the dynamic music business. 

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Sample Courses

  • Financial Accounting 
  • Social Media Marketing 
  • Artist Management and Development 
  • Event Management and Promotion 
  • Entrepreneurship in the Music Industry 

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Student Stories

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“If you’re willing to put in the work, the MBI program is one of the most rewarding experiences you can have. The culture in the program is indicative of the culture in the industry, and a lot of people here have the right attitude — they really care about what they’re doing and what they’re part of.”

Christy Rosario

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