Professional Pilot Technology

  • Bachelor of Science

In-Person at:

  • Williston, VT

In Person programs are taught fully in person.

A degree in Professional Pilot Technology from Vermont State University will thoroughly prepare you for a career in aviation. Our affordable program will have you up in the air during your first semester and our four-season weather will help you practice navigating inclement weather situations with confidence. Our program is authorized by the FAA to certify pilot graduates for the Restricted Airline Transport Pilot (RATP) authorization, putting you on a fast track to achieving your dreams in this growing field.  

Why Study Professional Pilot Technology at Vermont State?

  • Affordability: Our program has a lower cost of attendance than other national programs in aviation.  
  • Airport proximity: Our campus is located less than two miles from a local international airport, so you’ll never have to worry about long drives or traffic keeping you from getting up in the air.  
  • Strategic partnership: We have a contracted partnership with Vermont Flight Academy, the only FAA Part 141 flight school in Vermont.  
  • On-site opportunities: Partnerships with the Vermont Air National Guard, Vermont Army National Guard, Beta Technologies, BTV Operations, and BTV Control Tower give you unprecedented access to on-site learning with industry leaders. 
  • In-demand career: Employment in the industry is expected to grow thirteen percent over the next decade.* 

*U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics 

Financial Aid for Professional Pilot Technology Students

Completing the Professional Pilot Technology degree requires a financial investment. Aviation course fees total approximately $75,000 over the course of the four year program. Please see our Cost of Attendance and Funding Options worksheet to gain full understanding of annual expenses for this unique program. More than 80 percent of Vermont State students are awarded financial aid, including new students, transfer students, international students, out-of-state students, and first-generation students. Our financial aid team is here to help you explore all your options.

Internships & Jobs in Professional Pilot Technology

You will log up to 1,000 hours of in-air time as well as a capstone project. You’ll select, plan, implement, approve, and present projects under the guidance of industry experts on-campus and in the community, building your professional network with employers even before you graduate.

Previous student projects have included:  

  • Organizing and leading a summer aviation camp for youth. 
  • Producing a feasibility study on how our strategic partner could access lower-cost aircraft on the used market.  
  • Developing recommendations on obtaining an affordable resource management training device for program use. This recommendation was embraced by stakeholders and is being considered for future budgeting.   

Student Stories

A black and white photo of Jamie Heiam, a young woman wearing a communication headset with her head turned over her right shoulder. She is seated in the pilots seat, steering an airplane


“The pilot program offers a college degree, which is important to me – and when I visited the campus, I knew I was in the right place. The people here are incredibly open, the aviation group is a tight-knit community, and I will have the skills and expertise I want by the time I graduate.” 

 Jamie Heiam ’16

“I have flown as far as Allentown, PA and Presque Isle, ME. I flew to Bangor, ME a couple months ago as part of my commercial flight training. I had never been to Bangor before so I decided to drive into downtown, check it out, and get an ice cream. What other major are you expected to leave the state? I knew very little about planes when I started this program. Now I am preparing to be a flight instructor.” 

Elisabeth Hoehn ’19
A photo of Elisabeth Hoehn, a young woman with long blonde hair smiling in front of a green and white airplane