For Transfer and Returning Students

At Vermont State University, we are committed to meeting you where you are on your educational journey. When you are ready to complete your degree, we are ready to help you reach your goal!

If you earned college credit after high school graduation or after earning your GED, you are considered a transfer student.

If you attended Castleton University, Northern Vermont University, or Vermont Tech in the past, you are a transfer student applying for readmission.

Either way, we are excited to work with you as you return to your studies!

We understand that affordability and flexibility are important to transfer students, and that the transfer of earned credits to your program at Vermont State is critical for you.

As we work toward becoming Vermont State University in July 2023, we are hard at work developing a transfer credit evaluation process for spring 2023. However, we certainly understand the importance of this information to your decision process right now and are ready to work with you to meet your needs.