CCV Students

Welcome Community College of Vermont Students!

We’re excited you have an interest in continuing your studies at Vermont State University (VTSU). Community College of Vermont (CCV) students are welcome to enroll at any time. Vermont State works closely with CCV to encourage graduates to continue their education with VTSU. CCV scholars and graduates have proven capable of becoming some of our most successful students and alumni. We look forward to working with you!

Vermont Transfer Guarantee

The Vermont Guarantee is a transfer partnership between the Community College of Vermont (CCV) and participating four-year colleges and universities. Eligible CCV graduates are able to transfer seamlessly – admission guaranteed!

VT Transfer Guarantee logo

Vermont State and CCV have agreed that any student who graduates from CCV is guaranteed general admission to VTSU as an undeclared student.*

Vermont Transfer Guarantee Requirements

  • Must have a completed associate degree from CCV.
  • Minimum GPA of 2.0. We do admit students on a case by case basis conditionally when their GPA falls below this threshold.
  • Students do need to apply; we will waive your application fee and obtain your Vermont State Colleges transcript from our shared system.

*A few university programs have further admission review requirements, examples include nursing and other allied health programs.

CCV to VTSU Pathways

Vermont State and CCV have developed pathway plans for many programs of study so that students who follow the prescribed plan experience a seamless transition to VTSU to earn a bachelor’s degree. Additional pathways are in development and will appear here when they are completed. The following pathways are in place:

If you plan to complete your CCV degree following one of the CCV to VTSU Pathways and aspire to attend Vermont State in the future, please connect with your CCV advisor to ensure you remain on track.

Favorable Credit Evaluation

As part of the Vermont State Colleges System, all coursework you have completed through CCV is already in our shared system – ready to be applied toward your Vermont State degree!

Completed college credits are applied to the student’s major as appropriate, then to VTSU general education requirements, and finally to the electives that fill out a degree. Getting the balance exactly right can be tricky, and students have the advantage of gaining academic advice while at CCV that will allow you make the most of your time at both colleges. As you approach enrollment at Vermont State, we will provide important academic advising for you to plan your smooth transition.

Affordable Degree Completion

Vermont State’s Office of Financial Aid is here to help CCV students with financial planning for studies at VTSU. Vermont residents are encouraged to additionally connect with the Vermont Student Assistance Corporation (VSAC). VSAC seeks to ensure Vermont students have the information, assistance, and financial aid to achieve their goals for college and beyond.

Apply now!

CCV scholars are encouraged to apply, and we make your application process easy. When you apply, we will waive your application fee and obtain your Vermont State Colleges transcript from our shared system.