Vermont State Housing and Food Rates

Housing and food rates provided below are for the 2024-2025 academic year.

Standard Rooms

Residence TypePer SemesterFull Time (Annual)
Double Room$4,052$8,104
Single Room$5,114$10,228
Triple Room$3,197$6,394

Premium Rooms and Apartments

Residence TypePer SemesterFull Time (Annual)
Multi College Apartment (Johnson)$3,540$7,081
Single College Apartment (Johnson)$5,114$10,228
Rita Bole Apartment (Lyndon)$5,595$11,190
Rutland Apartments$5,455$10,911
Killington Single$4,245$8,491
Killington Double$3,668$7,336

Food Plans

Food PlanPer SemesterFull Time (Annual)
Gold Meal Plan (Unlimited)$2,622$5,245
Base Plan (12/Week)$2,526$5,053
Eight Meals/Week$2,345$4,854
Killington Food$2,370$4,740