Multilingual Student Services

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Vermont State welcomes multilingual learners, including students whose first language is not English.  Multilingual students from international and U.S. backgrounds enrich our academic community. 

Vermont State offers multilingual students the ESL instruction, resources, and counseling to be successful while navigating an additional language and culture. Academic support resources include help with academic English reading, academic writing, listening, speaking, pronunciation, and cultural literacy. Services are available both in-person and remotely. Students can receive individual tutoring support or take courses designed specifically for multilingual students. 

Our Pathway Program for English Language Learners, currently offered face to face on the Castleton Campus, is designed for students who are working to achieve the English proficiency requirements needed for admission to their degree program. This program combines university coursework with intensive English instruction. Students in the Pathway Program take a combination of academic courses that count towards their major requirements alongside developmental English courses. All multilingual students, even those not in the Pathway Program, are welcome to enroll in Pathway Program ESL courses if helpful for their English development. If you want to register for the program and are not on Castleton campus, please email Dr. Mary Dinh at for more consultation.

Our Assistant Director of Multilingual Student Services, Dr. Mary Dinh, can also help students connect with faculty about their needs.  Students are not granted official academic accommodations like extra time on the basis of being multilingual, but the office can work with faculty members to offer at their discretion unofficial accommodations such as extra time, opportunities for using translation tools, revision, or the opportunity to use additional languages in an assignment depending on the goals and objectives of the course. 


For more information about Multilingual Student Services or the Pathway Program, contact Dr. Mary Dinh.

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Assistant Director of Multilingual Students Services

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Tutoring for Multilingual Students

All of our Academic Support tutors and staff are excited to work with multilingual learners.  Multilingual students seeking English language counseling and support can contact Dr. Mary Dinh, Assistant Director of Multilingual Student Services, at 802.468.1371 or to set up English language tutoring and cognitive counseling to meet your needs.