Vermont State English Placement Information

Choosing Your First-Year Writing Class

You are required to take English 1061: English Composition, a three-credit course, unless you have previously received transfer or AP credit for this requirement. You may also choose to take an additional one-credit lab component, if you think you will benefit from extra help to succeed with this writing requirement, or to be better prepared for future classes. Choosing the right option for you is important because the course will acclimate you to the standards of college-level writing, provide practice with the forms of writing most frequently assigned in college courses, and prepare you for the writing, reading, and research you will do in future classes in all disciplines. These skills are critical for helping you get the most out of your college experience.

If you think you will need extra support with writing in your first semester, we encourage you to enroll in the one-credit lab option, which entails 50 minutes of additional instruction per week in a small-class environment.

English 1061: English Composition (3 credits)

Students study and practice the forms of writing most important to academic thought and expression, including those conventions that govern how to report and document the thoughts of others. Students typically write five medium-length essays (4-5 pages) in different genres, including drafts and revisions.

English 1061L: English Composition Writing Lab (1 credit)

Students simultaneously enroll in this supplemental one-credit writing lab conducted by the same English instructor. Students receive additional support with writing assignments and areas of weakness, in a small-class atmosphere, gaining additional practice in meeting the university’s writing standards.